Coenobita scaevola(EN)


Common name

Red Sea Hermit Crab.


Shield length can reach 9.5mm.


On the coast from the Red Sea to the northern Arabian Sea, e.g. Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Sinai Peninsula, Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia etc.


They are found in arid (desert) conditions with high temperature and low relative humidity. They live close to the sea and do not penetrate far inland, they mainly depend on the sea for their only water source. During the day they dig as deep as 15-20cm into the sand or live in burrows in shaded areas among coastal vegetation.

Larval stages

Seven zoeal stages.


Body colour is white, cream, light gray or pale pink (mainly in juveniles).

With gray granules at the anterior part of the shield.

Eyestalks are compressed in shape.

The eyes are gray.

The bottom part of antenna are white.

Left cheliped is bigger than right cheliped. There is series of ridges (////) on upper outer surface of palm of left cheliped.

Upper margins of both cheliped with brush of setae.

With gray granules at proximal part of both cheliped.

Walking legs 
With gray granules at proximal part of 2nd and 3rd walking legs.

The abdomen is short.

Male coxae of 5th legs
Same as Coenobita pseudorugosus, right coxa produced into an elongate tube, always longer then left one.

Body colour is pale pink, others are similar to adult.


According to < Coastal Hermit Crabs (Decapoda: Anomura) from Kenya, with a Review and Key to East African Species >, Coenobita scaevola may reach its southern limit on the Kenya coast but it was no found in the present study. It is possible that the absence of Coenobita scaevola from the Kenyan collection is due to Kenya being beyond the southern limit of their geographical ranges.

According to same article Table 3. < Species of the genera Birgus and Coenobita recorded from East Africa >, Coenobita scaevola have also no record in Tanzania and Madagascar.

But I found some land hermt crabs images from Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and Seychelles, these places are close to Arabian Sea. They are very similar to Coenobita scaevola, it is possible they are also Coenobita scaevola.






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