Coenobita spinosus(EN)

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Common name

Hairy Land Hermit Crab, Forest Land Hermit Crab.


Shield length can reach 25mm.


Polynesia Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Tuamotu, Vanuatu, Fiji, Samoa, Guam, Tonga, Japan(Ogasawara Islands) etc.


Live in wet and dark coastal forests or found in sandy beach.

Larval stages



Body colour is black, dark brown, red beans colour, dark purple, dark orange.

Shield is very convex.

Eyestalks are compressed in shape.

Antennal acicles are fused with the second segment of peduncle.

Left cheliped is bigger than right cheliped. No series of ridge (////) on upper outer surface of palm of left cheliped.

Upper margins of both cheliped with brush of setae.

Dactylus, palm and carpus of cheliped with hairy or corneous spines, especially on inner side of dactylus.

Walking legs 
Dactylus, propodus and carpus of 2nd and 3rd walking legs with hairy or corneous spines. 

Propodus of left 3rd walking legs is short, distal margin and lower margin toothed.

Dactylus, propodus of left 3rd walking leg is stronger than that of left 2nd walking leg.

Outer surface of propodus of left 3rd walking leg not separated from dorsal surface by a well-marked longitudinal crest(A).

The abdomen is short.

Male coxae of 5th legs 
Not strongly produced in males.

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1. Do not know if it is because of lack shells, some individuals select fruit shells for shelter.

2. It seems that in the South Pacific Islands, Coenobita spinosus has usually been misidentified as Coenobita cavipes.


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