Coenobita violascens(EN)

Image©Stefanie Schwing

Common name

Viola, Komurasaki Land Hermit Crab.

*Red data status from Japan Ministry of the Environment: Near threatened


Shield length can reach 20mm.


From Indian to Pacific Ocean, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan(Ogasawara Islands) etc.


Mainly live in inner bay or estuarine of river, usually found near mangrove forest of inner bay.

Larval stages

Four zoeal stages.


Body colour is light lavender, dark violet, violet, blackish green. 

Eyestalks are compressed in shape, completely black.

*The bottom part of antenna are blue or orange brown.

Antennal acicles are fused with the second segment of peduncle.

Antennule (1st antennal) are red, some specimen are in dark red.

Left cheliped is bigger than right cheliped. No series of ridge (////) on upper outer surface of palm of left cheliped. 

Upper margins of both cheliped with brush of setae.

Lower margin of palm of left cheliped straight or slightly concave in middle portion, lower proximal angle produced in to lobe-like projection. Dactylus and fixed finger of left cheliped in purple. Lower outer surface of palm smooth, with dark brown patch.

Walking legs
Propodus of 3rd walking leg is relatively strong. Inner margin of propodus of left 3rd walking leg strongly projecting inwards and inner surface strongly concave.

Outer surface of propodus of left 3rd walking leg separated from dorsal surface by a very small and indistinct well-marked longitudinal crest(B).

The abdomen is long.

Male coxae of 5th legs
Coxae of 5th legs of both sides thick and short, a sternal protuberance between both coxae of 5th legs very small.

Body colour is red brownish, there is dark brown band on the lower surfaces of the eyestalks. As they grow larger, the dark violet colour gradually appear. 

Below images are the growth record from same crab.


Is the specimens found in East Africa refer to related species of Coenobita violascens? Please go to New species related to Coenobita violascens.


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